Essential Contract Law for Management and Executives

Essential Contract Law for Management and Executives
22 July 2016
Hotel Grand Central, Singapore
Summary :
This one-day course is specially designed for busy management and executives who deal in contracts on a regular basis. The facilitator LIM KER SHEON is a lawyer of many years experience who will use practical, real-life examples to explain critical concepts of contract law, and give practical solutions and help on how to better manage contracts.
This workshop is most ideal to teach the non-lawyers basic but critical knowledge about contract law. At the end of the workshop, you will understand what constitutes a valid contract and the key clauses that will help protect the company’s commercial interest.
Key Learning outcomes:
-          What constitutes offer, acceptance and consideration?
-          When is a contract void or voidable, and what do they mean?
-          Practical clauses to safeguard your interests such as continuous diligence clauses, indemnity clauses, self-enforcement clauses and others
-          Standard terms and conditions in contracts and what they mean : such as time of the essence clauses, novation vs assignment, entire agreement clauses, severability, governing law and jurisdiction
-          Practical hints on aligning up your standard operating procedures with your contractual obligations
-          Practical guide to termination of contracts
Course Outline :
  • What are the requirements for a valid contract?
  • When do emails, POs, Dos or other documents turn into a contract? Are there circumstances when MOUs, LOIs and heads of agreement are deemed binding agreements?
  • In what circumstances would conduct or correspondence inadvertently change a contract?
  • Standard terms in a contract and what they mean
  • Pitfalls to avoid in reading and drafting contracts
  • If self-enforcement remedies are always far better than having to go to Court, what self-enforcement remedies are available to me?
  • Practical advice in drafting, executing, performing and exiting a contract
  • How to terminate a contract properly and practical pointers on limiting loss and disruptions to project o ignored
  • Overview of litigation process and how the Court looks at contracts and conduct of parties. o ignored
  • Alternative dispute resolution processes, costs and considerations
About the Instructor:
lim ker sheonLim Ker Sheon heads the Construction Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group of the firm and is also the co-head of the Corporate and Commercial Law Practice Group. Ker Sheon joined Characterist LLC as a Director on 1 April 2008 having previously practiced with the firms of Messrs Derrick Ravi Partnership (now Straits Law Practice LLC) and Asia Law Corporation. Ker Sheon also branched outside the legal profession into the areas of IT and Business Development Consulting in Singapore and China for a period of about 2 years. 
Ker Sheon has acted as legal counsel on corporate and litigation matters for Statutory Boards, Quasi-Government Institutions, hospitals, and for both MNCs and SMEs in the construction, IT, education, logistics and retail industries. Ker Sheon also serves with various charities, including the Management Board of the AG Home (a Home for teenage girls in crisis) and BLC Community Services. Ker Sheon teaches law on a part-time basis with the PSB Academy (undergraduate engineering courses). Ker Sheon has previously served in various capacities in committees (including as Vice-Chairman of the Small Law Firms Committee) both with the Singapore Law Society and Singapore Academy of Law. Ker Sheon’s primary areas of practice are in construction and commercial litigation, as well as in corporate law and IT-corporate law. In his former capacity, Ker Sheon acts frequently in multi-million dollar shareholder disputes and construction disputes in Court and in arbitration, and is known for a pragmatic, cost-effective and problem-solving approach to dispute resolution. Ker Sheon has also acted for clients in various landmark SOP adjudication cases.
Wearing the hat of the co-head of the Corporate and Commercial Law Practice Group, Ker Sheon advises corporate clients on Mergers and Acquisitions, local and international Franchising, legal and operational aspects of product development (including Intellectual Property rights, efficacy and costs), drafting of commercial contracts, drafting of tenancy agreements and renewals, drafting and/or reviewing standard form Purchase Orders, Invoices, Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Ker Sheon is also involved in criminal law, mediation, dispute resolution and debt negotiation and management. Ker Sheon has been involved with cases as diverse as the defence and acquittal of clients involved in wildlife smuggling, cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and setting up local and overseas franchise    
Standard Rate : SGD 895
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